Get this $1000 Software No-Charge

by Mac X in Forex Trading


I’m so excited… the new version of Hercules is almost ready…

…and it is soooo cool.

For those who’ve never used it, this software breaks each currency off into its own… not a pair… and gives you the strength of each, individually.

Imagine knowing how the Pound is doing, and measuring it’s strength… not the GBP/USD, but the GBP all by itself. Do this with 6 different currencies, and the new cross-trade opportunities alone would be astonishing!

Until now, that kind of information has only been available to major hedge-fund managers, and big banking insiders.

And this new version is finally out of Beta. It’s full retail, (shrink-wrap release, in geek-speak) with increased functionality that smokes the old version…

….all ready to roll in the profits for you.

Like I said, we were going to retail this for $1000. But instead, Mac’s going to be letting it out for all members of his new Inner Circle!

He sure is determined to give value to his new members!

The big day’s Monday, June 1st. Keep an eye out for the announcement.

Talk soon,


Technical Support

The Insider Code

P.S.-June 1st is also the day I give Mac his email back. He’s been so gosh-darn busy putting together his Inner Circle, that he hasn’t had time to write y’all. But he’s itching to get back to it. I think he misses everyone.

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